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Gemma is Felicia Douglass and producer Erik Gundel, a collaboration where Douglass’s playful hooks soar over Gundel’s lush, grooving beats. Gundel has a knack for stacking emotions that seem at odds: for channeling feelings of deep introspection and ecstatic joy at the same time, matching a sentiment that often drives Douglass’s lyricism. Together, they’re masters of upbeat tunes exploding with feelings, a type of healing, happy-sad soul-funk.

Live Band: Felicia Douglass, Erik Gundel, Ethan Bassford, and Alejandro Salazar Dyer. 



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Label ~ Double Double Whammy  

"Quiet, alert and beautiful: dance music, party music, but of a seriously adult kind." 

                                                           -Ben Ratliff,

The New York Times

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